I offer different informative and interactive workshops so that you can be more informed and prepared to experience your postpartum transition. These workshops are offered in person (one on one or in a group setting) or can also be offered in a virtual setting (via a Zoom call). You can find details by clicking on the workshop you are interested in.

Faciliter la transition à la parentalité

Understanding the transition to parenthood and getting ready to cope with the challenges that come with it.

Santé mentale du post-partum

Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders awareness and common postpartum mental health experiences

Stratégies pratiques de support

Stratégies pratiques pour aider les pères à soutenir leur partenaire souffrant d'un trouble de l'humeur et / ou de l'anxiété du post-partum

Santé mentale périnatale pour les professionnels de la naissance

An online class about postpartum mental intended for birth professionals