Postpartum Support

Postpartum support

My postpartum support services


My mission is:

  • to prepare you for your postpartum transition so that you can be more confident as a parent and feel well equipped to better take care of you (your physical and mental health) and your baby after birth
  • to support you when life gets challenging with your new baby

As a postpartum doula/consultant, I am your much-needed companion so that you don’t have to navigate this journey into parenthood alone.

Look below to learn more about my wonderful services.

My One on One Peer Support Packages

I offer two different packages you can choose from.

I offer you a free consultation

You would like to meet with me to ask me questions and see if I would be the right person to support you?  It would be my pleasure to meet with you!  Don’t hesitate to ask for a free consultation.  Just click on the button below.

In-Person Postpartum Support

Get help at home by choosing a support package that best suits your needs.

Postpartum Planning Session

Get some help planning your postpartum transition.